Graham R. Dennis

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We show that the self-organized single-helical-axis (SHAx) and double-axis (DAx) states in reversed field pinches can be reproduced in a minimally constrained equilibrium model using only five parameters. This is a significant reduction on previous representations of the SHAx which have required an infinite number of constraints. The DAx state, which has a(More)
The classical paradigm of the reversed-field pinch as a chaotic plasma has been challenged in recent years by the observation of the high-confinement single-helical axis (SHAx) state in which the plasma spontaneously develops a helical core. A reconstruction of this state using a minimally constrained model that captures the self-organized nature of the(More)
The Australian continent has an extremely variable climate, as a result of the different oceanic currents and atmospheric variation. Australia has regular cycles of droughts and floods resulting in highly variable storage volumes in its major dams. The population in Australia is nearly 23 million (Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 2011) of which the(More)
Rainwater tanks are increasingly adopted in Australia to reduce potable water demand and are perceived to reduce the volume of stormwater discharge from developments. This paper investigates the water balance of rainwater tanks, in particular the possible impacts these tanks could have in controlling the stormwater discharge volume. The study collected(More)
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