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Thirty-four autopsy cases conforming to the standard neuropathologic criteria of Parkinson disease were sex- and age-matched with controls who had died of infarct or trauma. All brains were reviewed for changes compatible with Alzheimer disease, and available clinical data were retrospectively reviewed. Nineteen (56 percent) of the Parkinson cases had shown(More)
Acute arterial hypertension was produced in male Wistar rats by pressure pulse through the right internal carotid artery. The pressure pulse was induced by infusion of physiological saline as a bolus, at a rate of 0.63 ml per second by syringe pump. Evans blue (Eb) was used to visualize the areas of blood-brain barrier opening. Intravenously injected(More)
Acute arterial hypertension was induced in male Wistar rats using two experimental techniques: (1) i.v. injection of Aramine and (2) infusion of physiological saline as a bolus via internal carotid artery. Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) was injected i.v. prior to both experimental procedures and subsequently localized in the brain by light and electron(More)
Though postmodernist and complexity schools of thought are not new developments, their influence on operational analysis (OA), and in particular, military OA is recent. Independent of these developments, military OA is nonetheless changing as a result of the changing nature of warfare and the consequent demands on analysts. As an illustrative example(More)
Infusion of 1.8 M mannitol solution into the internal carotid artery of Wistar rats allows horseradish peroxidase (HRP) to cross cerebral vascular endothelium via intercellular pathways. This was made evident by density gradients of HRP observed in consecutive tight junctional compartments following in vivo administration, and by the passage of colloidal(More)