Graham M. Turner

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Epileptic seizures occur less during wakefulness or paradoxical sleep, conditions during which hippocampal theta rhythm is seen. This leads to the hypothesis that this rhythm indicates a physiological state of the hippocampal formation which opposes its recruitment into seizures. This was tested by determining the effects of experimental induction or(More)
Pregnant subjects rated their memories as worse than normal and their ratings differed significantly from controls. Explicit memory tested by both recognition and recall was unimpaired. In contrast, implicit memory was significantly impaired in primigravidae. Impairment in implicit memory correlated with the subjective memory ratings. The dissociation of(More)
A wide range of examples of the application of magnetic measurements to environmental studies illustrate the advantages of magnetic techniques over conventional methods. Magnetic measurements, in both the field and the laboratory, are particularly useful for reconnaissance work because of their spee and flexibility, Quantification as well as simple(More)
The Australian Stocks and Flows Framework (ASFF) was developed to assess the biophysical longevity of the Australian economy, with top-down coverage of the whole physical economy based on bottom-up process-based detail. The ASFF employs mass-balance identities associated with stock and flow dynamics throughout the national economy and associated interaction(More)
The neurotrophins nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) play a pivotal role in the generation and maintenance of hyperalgesia. In the present study we analyzed NGF and BDNF levels in human skin of the upper arm and axilla skin sites by dermal microdialysis and multiplexed assay. Skin sensitization and inflammatory responses(More)
The cerebellum is electrically and metabolically active during seizures. Numerous studies have also shown that cerebellar electrical stimulation and lesions of the cerebellar cortex or nuclei influence seizure threshold, but there are significant contradictions, with different effects observed even in investigations using the same species and similar(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Clinical management after transient ischaemic attack (TIA) is focused on stroke prevention; however, a number of small studies suggest that patients may experience ongoing residual impairments. METHODS This was a retrospective matched-cohort study using anonymized electronic primary care records from The Health Improvement Network(More)
A general linear model for time domain (TD) fluorescence tomography is presented that allows a lifetime-based analysis of the entire temporal fluorescence response from a turbid medium. Simulations are used to show that TD fluorescence tomography is optimally performed using two complementary approaches: A direct TD analysis of a few time points near the(More)