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A 58-year-old female presented with acute arterial insufficiency to her left leg. Following cardiovascular evaluation using multimodality imaging, it was discovered that she had mobile thoracic thrombi overlying a normal descending thoracic aorta which had also caused a splenic infarction. This patient was treated with unfractionated heparin for three days(More)
We report the case of a 51 year-old woman who, six weeks post hysterectomy, developed an acute on chronic pulmonary thromboembolism. On transthoracic echocardiography a mobile right atrial thrombus was detected at the entry of the coronary sinus into the right atrium. A 64 slice spiral CT angiogram confirmed the left sided superior vena cava and bilateral(More)
Electrocardiographic abnormalities, and specifically early repolarization (ER) patterns, are increasingly found to be common variants in healthy populations free of heart disease or risk factors. Data are sparse in subjects of African descent, for which no increase in adverse cardiovascular outcomes have been demonstrated. A database of healthy disease-free(More)
In endemic regions, coccidioidomycosis causes substantial morbidity and mortality for patients receiving solid organ transplants. We aimed to demonstrate the effect of antifungal coccidioidal prophylaxis in heart transplant (HT) recipients. We retrospectively reviewed the electronic health records of all patients who received HTs between October 19, 2005,(More)
Reactive eosinophilia is associated with inflammatory bowel disease, but its association with eosinophilic myocarditis is rare. We report a case of a 42-year-old man who presented with hypovolemic shock secondary to diarrhea and recently diagnosed nonischemic cardiomyopathy (left ventricular ejection fraction, 0.29). Laboratory evaluation revealed marked(More)
For the past few years, The Washington Hospital Center has had a prepaid obstetric clinic program for uninsured patients. Although the program was satisfactory, some deficiencies had developed. For example, research had shown a high correlation between a mother's lack of prenatal care and high healthcare expenditures. By implementing a new program that(More)
Flexible budgeting is a relatively simple way to introduce department heads to the complex world of cost management. Managers use a flexible budget system to set financial targets for their department and track progress towards those goals. This system gives instant feedback on a department's performance in terms of staffing hours and dollars. Full(More)
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