Graham M. Brooker

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Research into reactive collision avoidance for unmanned aerial vehicles has been conducted on unmanned terrestrial and mini aerial vehicles utilising active Doppler radar obstacle detection sensors. Flight tests conducted by flying a mini UAV at an obstacle have confirmed that a simple reactive collision avoidance algorithm enables aerial vehicles to(More)
An assay of serum digoxin and other cardiac glycosides by displacement of 3Houabain from Na-K ATPase is described. It is rapidly set up by any laboratory with a liquid scintillation counter. It can also assay digitalis leaf, digitoxin, and gitalin (Gitaligin), and has uncovered unsuspected administration of them. The assay takes less than 1 hour. No quench(More)
Two cases of High Anion Gap Metabolic Acidosis (HAGMA) due to pyroglutamic acid (5-oxoproline) are described. In both cases the HAGMA developed during an episode of hospital treatment, in conjunction with paracetamol and antibiotic prescription, and the surviving patient made an uneventful recovery after the drugs were withdrawn. Clinicians need to be aware(More)
Autonomous vehicle operations in outdoor environments challenge robotic perception. Construction, mining, agriculture, and planetary exploration environments are examples in which the presence of dust, fog, rain, changing illumination due to low sun angles, and lack of contrast can dramatically degrade conventional stereo and laser sensing. Nonetheless,(More)