Graham L W Cross

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Despite its fundamental importance in genome analysis, it is only recently that systematic approaches have been developed to assess copy number at specific genetic loci, or to examine genomic DNA for submicro-scopic deletions of unknown location. In this report we show that short probes can be recovered and amplified quantitatively following hybridisation(More)
The squeezing of polymers in narrow gaps is important for the dynamics of nanostructure fabrication by nanoimprint embossing and the operation of polymer boundary lubricants. We measured stress versus strain behavior while squeezing entangled polystyrene films to large strains. In confined conditions where films were prepared to a thickness less than the(More)
Graphene and related two-dimensional materials have shown unusual and exceptional mechanical properties, with similarities to origami-like paper folding and kirigami-like cutting demonstrated. For paper analogues, a critical difference between macroscopic sheets and a two-dimensional solid is the molecular scale of the thin dimension of the latter, allowing(More)
This data article contains data related to the research article entitled "Substrate topography: A valuable in vitro tool, but a clinical red herring for in vivo tenogenesis" [1]. We report measurements on tenocyte viability, metabolic activity and proliferation on substrates with different topographies. We also report the effect of substrates with different(More)
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