Graham Hardy

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Chromosomal abnormalities are a significant cause of pregnancy loss. Solid tissue fetal and neonatal pathology samples are routinely examined by karyotype analysis after cell culture. However, there is a high failure rate, and this approach is expensive and labor intensive. We have therefore evaluated a new molecular strategy involving quantitative(More)
We present the longest known surviving case of a male infant with a mosaic complete trisomy 1q. Born at 39 weeks of gestation with respiratory distress, his weight was 3,330 g (25th centile); he had micrognathia, a posterior cleft of palate, abnormal ears and left thumb, syndactyly, and an absent corpus callosum. Initial blood karyotype was normal (46,XY).(More)
This two-part study tracks and measures the professional selfefficacy judgements of two cohorts of pre-service teachers (PST). In Part One, the GTCE’s Code of Conduct and Practice (GTCE, 2009) was used to help form an instrument which tracked changes in the professional selfefficacy judgements of 211 PST through a one-year graduate program. Judgements were(More)
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