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OBJECTIVES To develop a methodology for evaluating the impact of research on health care, and to characterise the papers cited on clinical guidelines. DESIGN The bibliographic details of the papers cited in 15 clinical guidelines, developed in and for the United Kingdom, were collated and analysed with applied bibliometric techniques. RESULTS The median(More)
We further evaluated the Virtual Lecture Hall (VLH) (Cramer, Collins, Snider, & Fawcett, in press), an instructional computer-based platform to deliver PowerPoint slides threaded with audio clips for later review. Students from either an in-class or online section (ns = 810 and 74 respectively) of introductory psychology had access to live recorded lectures(More)
The perfect method to discover and validate actionable somatic variants in cancer has not yet been developed, yet significant progress has been made toward this goal. There have been huge increases in the throughput and cost of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) sequencing technologies that have led to the burgeoning possibility of using(More)
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