Graham F Greene

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Multiple somatic mitochondrial DNA mutations are frequently reported in human tumors, but the process leading to homoplasmic transformation and accumulation of multiple mutations in the same tumor cell lineage remains a mystery. We address possible mechanisms responsible for the generation of multiple mitochondrial (mt)DNA mutations observed in a high(More)
* We thank seminar participants at the ESA meeting and the University of Pennsylvania for helpful suggestions, Colin Camerer for his insightful comments on an earlier draft, and Christophe Van den Bulte for his suggestions and advice on data analysis. We are especially grateful to Karen Jehn for her early collaboration and ideas. Abstract The trust building(More)
Previous literature has demonstrated the important role that trust plays in developing and maintaining well-functioning societies. However, if we are to learn how to increase levels of trust in society, we must first understand why people choose to trust others. One potential answer to this is that people view trust as normative: there is a social norm for(More)
Disclaimer This document is the result of independent scientific research and published on behalf of the European Commission by the Joint Aviation Authorities. The views expressed are those of the authors and may not represent regulatory policies or further research plans of the Joint Aviation Authorities. Background This report is a summary of individual(More)
A speech pathologist developed a program with language goals which included spontaneous communication, focus, attention span, auditory memory, receptive and expressive vocabulary, and concepts such as body image, spatial relationships, and same and different polarities. The services of a professional mime were used to translate these goals into mimetic(More)
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