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A study has been performed to investigate the physical effects of lumbar spinal supports. Two groups were studied, a group of normal male subjects and a group of male low back pain patients. Five different spinal supports were investigated and their effects upon the skin temperature, spinal movements and intra-abdominal pressures of these individuals were(More)
This study presents the morphological and chemical modification of the cell structure of aerosolized Escherichia coli treated with a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD). Exposure to DBD results in severe oxidation of the bacteria, leading to the formation of hydroxyl groups and carbonyl groups and a significant reduction in amine functionalities and(More)
This paper presents an inconsistency tolerant semantics for the Description Logic ALC called Preferential ALC (p-ALC). A p-ALC knowledge base is comprised of defeasible and non-defeasible axioms. The defeasible ABox and TBox are labelled with confidence weights that could reflect an axiom's provenance. Entailment is defined through the notion of preferred(More)