Graham Copeland

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Conversational discourse samples were obtained from four aphasic and four neurologically normal Hispanic bilinguals in monolingual English, monolingual Spanish, and bilingual contexts to identify codeswitching patterns. Analysis of the samples based on the Matrix Language Frame (MLF) Model (Myers-Scotton, 1993a) revealed consistent matching of the language(More)
This paper studies the combined optimization of an elevator's design (plant) and LQG controller for ride comfort. Elevator dynamics and primary vibration sources (drive motor torque ripple and guide rail irregularity) are modeled using an object-oriented language. The resulting model is nonlinear. Elevator vibrations are minimized with respect to both the(More)
The growing market for flexible electronics devices is asking for reduction of manufacturing process complexity. One way to reduce complexity is to decrease the number of single components of a device by using integrated modules, i.e. device components providing multiple functions. In this article, the concept of a self-powered electrochromic graphics(More)
Introduction This handbook has been developed with the intention of improving clinical audit at a local level and is designed for use in acute trusts, primary care trusts (PCTs), ambulance trusts and mental health trusts. There are many different models for clinical audit which work well at a local level and the handbook documents the range of models which(More)
Bleeding from oesophageal varices, oesophageal ulcers or oesophagitis is occasionally massive and difficult to control. Octreotide, a synthetic analogue of somatostin lowers portal pressure and collateral blood flow including that through varices, increases lower oesophageal sphincter pressure, and inhibits the gastric secretion of acid as well as pepsin.(More)
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