Graham Cope

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Support statement: This work was supported by a research grant (no. 24131701) on intractable diseases from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The funder had no role in the analysis of data and decision to publish. Deshpande V, et al. Rituximab therapy leads to rapid decline of serum IgG4 levels and prompt clinical improvement in(More)
To the Editor: I read with interest the paper of Smith et al. (1) concerning the use of colorimetric procedures to determine smoking status. They described in detail the use of simple methods to detect " total nicotine metabolites " in urine. They evaluated qualitative and quantitative methods, both of which had high sensitivity and spec-ificity, in(More)
Bandwidth allocation in the future multiservice global communication IP network presents a very interesting research issue. This paper presents the strategy of Dynamic Partitioning of link bandwidth in IP network. In the Dynamic Partitioning scheme the bandwidth of each link in the network is partitioned into two fractions, one for the low-priority data(More)
Objective To investigate the effect of immediate feedback from a point of care test for salivary nicotine metabolites in promoting smoking cessation and reduction in tobacco use. Design Prospective, operator blinded, randomised controlled trial. Setting General dental practice, London. Participants 100 adult smokers. Interventions Participants completed a(More)
Early deployments of broadband ATM networks are likely to use overbooked Permanent Virtual Connections in which more connections are set up than Connection Admission Control (CAC) would ordinarily permit. Since, hopefully, not all users will simultaneously use their connections, the QoS levels required for each connection will be met. A critical problem(More)