Graham Cope

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The risk of developing colorectal adenomatous polyps is probably increased by a variety of dietary and environmental factors. We found an association with current alcohol and cigarette consumption. The risk of polyps was increased three times in drinkers who did not smoke and two times in smokers who did not drink, with those who both drank and smoked(More)
The effect of dietary sodium on the urine dopamine excretion of eight hypertensive patients and six matched controls was studied under metabolic balance conditions over a 2 week period during which dietary sodium intake was increased from 20 to 220 mmol/day. The control group showed the expected increase in dopamine excretion in response to sodium but the(More)
LETTERS If you have a burning desire to respond to a paper published in JECH, why not make use of our ''rapid response'' option? Log on to our web site (, find the paper that interests you, and send your response via email by clicking on the ''eLetters'' option in the box at the top right hand corner. Providing it isn't libellous or obscene, it(More)
We describe a disposable, near-patient urine test to monitor cigarette smoking. A plastic device contains the sealed dried reagents to measure nicotine and its metabolites, by a colorimetric assay. The device can be used to give a qualitative assessment of tobacco consumption, simply by observing a colour change. Alternatively, the test can be quantified by(More)
BACKGROUND In the fight against the global tuberculosis epidemic, it is essential to ensure that patients adhere to the treatment prescribed. As the treatment is given for a minimum of 6 months it is common for patients not to take their drugs regularly. Strategies are therefore needed to assess adherence to treatment. One established method is to examine(More)