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One of England's four homeopathic hospitals is at risk of closure because of primary care trusts' reluctance to refer patients outside the NHS mainstream. Other homeopathic hospitals are also facing severe financial problems Kent PCT, which runs Tunbridge Wells Homeopathic Hospital and also refers the majority of patients, is consulting on whether to vet(More)
The healthcare outside hospitals white paper and practice-based commissioning demand strategic involvement at all levels from clinicians. Consensus seems to be that clinicians will need strong support mechanisms to fulfil their roles. Opinions differ on how levels of clinical engagement can be measured.
The healthcare outside hospitals white paper is part of a continuing drive to involve non-NHS bodies in patient care. This means an unfamiliar working environment for migrating managers; with different motivations, less job security and increased entrepreneurial freedom. Managers in Partnership has called on managers to develop self-marketing skills to suit(More)