Graham C. Goodwin

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Previous results on estimating errors or error bounds on identiied transfer functions have relied upon prior assumptions about the noise and the unmodelled dynamics. This prior information took the form of parameterized bounding functions or parameterized probability density functions, in the time or frequency domain, with known parameters. Here we show(More)
Individuals with permanent neonatal diabetes mellitus usually present within the first three months of life and require insulin treatment. We recently identified a locus on chromosome 10p13–p12.1 involved in permanent neonatal diabetes mellitus associated with pancreatic and cerebellar agenesis in a genome-wide linkage search of a consanguineous Pakistani(More)
This paper presents novel results on perfect reconstruction feedback quantizers (PRFQs), i.e., noise-shaping, predictive and sigma-delta A/D converters whose signal transfer function is unity. Our analysis of this class of converters is based upon an additive white noise model of quantization errors. Our key result is a formula that relates the minimum(More)
This paper develops the idea of min-max robust experiment design for dynamic system identification. The idea of min-max experiment design has been explored in the statistics literature. However, the technique is virtually unknown by the engineering community and, accordingly, there has been little prior work on examining its properties when applied to(More)