Graham Bradley

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Changes in society's expectations mean that school teachers need to be able to use computers in education with minimal anxiety. Some 350 primary and secondary school teachers completed a questionnaire that identified sources of computer anxiety and provided teachers with the opportunity to suggest solutions. The teachers were very supportive of the use of(More)
Past research into the effects of hardiness on stress and health has yielded inconsistent findings, possibly because of a failure to acknowledge the influence of variables such as negative affectivity and gender. This study examined the main, moderating and mediating effects of hardiness in a sample of 130 (50 male, 80 female) randomly selected university(More)
Emerging adults--people aged 18-25 years--frequently behave recklessly. This study sheds light on the role of 4 psychosocial predictors of recklessness: (a) impulsivity, (b) peer pressure, (c) perceived risk, and (d) perceived benefits. The authors obtained self-report data from 208 emerging adults. All predictors were significantly correlated, in the(More)
In recent years, internal services such as Information Technology (IT) have become quite critical in organisational control due to the enormous size of their expenditure. As a result, managers have faced growing pressure to measure the performance of IT departments. However, the applicability of traditional performance measures in an IT setting is at best(More)
Leisure provides the context for much of adolescent behaviour and development. While both theory and research point to the benefits of participation in leisure activities that are highly structured, the association between structured leisure and psychosocial adjustment is not uniformly high. This paper presents a model of adolescent leisure comprising three(More)
An understanding of customers’ perceptions of value is fundamental to the competitive nature of all industries. Using the timeshare resort sector as a context for our studies, we explore the ways in which consumers, grouped according to their timeshare ownership stage, perceive value. Data were collected from three samples: non-owners of timeshare, recent(More)
Reckless driving is a major contributing factor to road morbidity and mortality. While further research into the nature and impact of reckless driving, particularly among young people, is urgently needed, the measurement of reckless driving behaviour also requires increased attention. Three major shortcomings apparent in established measures of driver(More)
Past theory and research indicate that conditions of work can have lasting effects on job incumbents. R. A. Karasek and T. Theorell (1990), for example, proposed that workers' feelings of mastery increase with levels of job demands and job control, and that these effects are mediated by the process of active learning. To test these propositions, 657 school(More)
Many adolescents feel they are subjected to acts of discrimination. Research shows that discrimination is associated with adverse outcomes including poor psychological adjustment, school adjustment, and academic achievement. This study investigated alternative pathways through which discrimination affects adolescents' academic achievement. A sample of 244(More)
AIM This study examined factors influencing personal care workers' intentions to stay or leave Australian aged care employment - especially for older workers. BACKGROUND Retention of personal care workers is particularly important in aged care as they provide the majority of the direct care via community aged care or long-term aged care environments.(More)