Graham Bowtell

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Experiments were performed on single-myotome preparations of lamprey muscle, to discover whether force developed by intermittent tetanic stimulation during imposed sinusoidal movement could be predicted by data collected from isometric and constant-velocity experiments. We developed a simple dynamic model consisting of a set of simultaneous ordinary(More)
A two dimensional continuum model for the body mechanics of the lamprey is derived from a simple discrete rod and pivot structure. Each element in the discrete structure consists of two smoothly jointed light rods with perpendicular extensions at each of the midpoints between which is fixed a quasi muscle segment. The muscle segment is attributed with the(More)
Chains of coupled limit-cycle oscillators are considered, in which the coupling is assumed to be weak and only between adjacent oscillators. For such a system the change in frequency of an oscillator due to the coupling can be expressed, up to first order in thecoupling strength, by functions that depend only on the phase difference between the coupled(More)
The travelling wave of curvature which propels a fish forward arises from the interaction of the patterns of motoneurone activity generated by the spinal cord with the mechanical properties of (1) the muscle, (2) the skin, bone and connective tissues of the body, and (3) the water in which it is swimming. Furthermore, in the lamprey, a powerful feedback(More)
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