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OBJECTIVE To investigate the predictors of first-round attendance for breast screening in an inner city area. DESIGN Prospective design in which women were interviewed or completed a postal questionnaire before being sent their invitation for breast screening. Sociodemographic factors, health behaviours, and attitudes, beliefs, and intentions were used as(More)
Heatwaves are predicted to increase in frequency and intensity as a result of climate change. The health impacts of these events can be significant, particularly for vulnerable populations when mortality can occur. England experienced a prolonged heatwave in summer 2013. Daily age-group and region-specific all-cause excess mortality during summer 2013 and(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether mammography raises anxiety in routinely screened women who receive a negative result. DESIGN Prospective design in which women completed questionnaires at three key points in the breast screening process: at baseline (before being sent their invitation for breast screening), at the screening clinic immediately before or(More)
BACKGROUND England's National Chlamydia Screening Programme (NCSP) provides opportunistic testing for under 25 year-olds in healthcare and non-healthcare settings. The authors aimed to explore relationships between coverage and positivity in relation to demographic characteristics or setting, in order to inform efficient and sustainable implementation of(More)
OBJECTIVES Uptake of healthcare among migrants is a complex and controversial topic; there are multiple recognised barriers to accessing primary care. Delays in presentation to healthcare services may result in a greater burden on costly emergency care, as well as increased public health risks. This study aimed to explore some of the factors influencing(More)
OBJECTIVES To ascertain the reasons for a low rate of response for breast screening. DESIGN All relevant aspects of the organisational process examined, including general practitioners' notes. Non-responders visited and interviewed. SETTING An inner city breast screening service working on the model advocated by the Forrest report. SUBJECTS 288 Women(More)
BACKGROUND Effective health protection requires systematised responses with clear accountabilities. In England, Primary Care Trusts and the Health Protection Agency both have statutory responsibilities for health protection. A Memorandum of Understanding identifies responsibilities of both parties, but there is a potential lack of clarity about(More)
A qualitative research methodology was applied to a corporate assessment of need for district nursing services. Semi-structured interviews were held with district nurses and the transcripts analysed for common themes. The major determinants of district nurses' roles were the priorities and practices of other community-based services, particularly social(More)
In the summer of 2009, an outbreak of verocytotoxigenic Escherichia coli O157 (VTEC O157) was identified in visitors to a large petting farm in South East England. The peak attack rate was 6/1000 visitors, and highest in those aged <2 years (16/1000). We conducted a case-control study with associated microbiological investigations, on human, animal and(More)