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To avoid many of the disadvantages of the traditional clinical examination we have introduced the structured clinical examination. In this students rotate round a series of stations in the hospital ward. At one station they are asked to carry out a procedure, such as take a history, undertake one aspect of physical examination, or interpret laboratory(More)
Evidence on magnetic resonance (MR) images of disk degeneration and herniation, as well as of cord and root impingement, may be regarded either as normal, age-related changes or as causative of symptoms. Individuals referred for MR examinations of the larynx without symptoms referable to the cervical spine were studied retrospectively (35 patients) or(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the utility of the Berci-Kaplan Video Laryngoscope (VL) in pediatric anesthesia. BACKGROUND The VL is designed to improve visualization of the glottis during tracheal intubation of normal and difficult airways in adults. This study was designed to assess the visual quality and the ease of tracheal intubation in children using the VL(More)
BACKGROUND A national initiative in Ireland in 2000 defined 13 designated Units to provide care for symptomatic breast cancer, and resources, including an ability to develop audit programmes, were provided. In the absence of a national audit of breast cancer outcomes, the aim of this study is to provide a detailed report of one Unit's subsequent experience,(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the coverage and quality of routine red reflex screening in a single region and to consider the results in the context of the current New Zealand guidelines. METHODS All the health practitioners partaking in routine Well Child - Tamariki Ora checks in the Nelson-Tasman region were asked to complete a simple one-page questionnaire on(More)