Graham A. Thomas

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In order to insert a virtual object into a TV image, the graphics system needs to know precisely how the camera is moving, so that the virtual object can be rendered in the correct place in every frame. Nowadays this can be achieved relatively easily in post-production, or in a studio equipped with a special tracking system. However, for live shooting on(More)
Description: The media industry is currently being pulled in the often opposing directions of increased realism (high resolution, stereoscopic, large screen) and personalisation (selection and control of content, availability on many devices). This book outlines a capture, production, delivery and rendering system capable of supporting these trends. The key(More)
—3DTV production of live sports events presents a challenging problem involving conflicting requirements of maintaining broadcast stereo picture quality with practical problems in developing robust systems for cost effective deployment. In this paper we propose an alternative approach to stereo production in sports events using the conventional monocular(More)