Graham A. Thomas

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BACKGROUND The successful treatment of cardiac failure by heart transplantation is severely limited by the shortage of donor organs, and alternative surgical approaches are needed. An experimental approach that holds considerable promise is the skeletal muscle ventricle (SMV), an auxiliary blood pump formed from a pedicled graft of latissimus dorsi muscle(More)
Colorectal carcinoma in humans and animal models is associated with increased synthesis of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2). PGE2 synthesis was measured in normal and neoplastic human colorectal mucosa to investigate its role in the adenoma-carcinoma sequence. Paired mucosal biopsy specimens for PGE2 synthesis and histological examination were obtained during 39(More)
BACKGROUND It is hypothesised that cell proliferation, as measured by the Ki-67 labelling index (LI) at the invasive tumour front (ITF) was directly related to the histological grade in human oral squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs). METHODS Tissues from 42 human oral SCCs were collected and stained with an antibody directed against the Ki-67 antigen using an(More)
The chronic changes of the end-systolic pressure-volume relationship (ESPVR) after regional myocardial infarction were evaluated in a sheep model. Pressure-volume area (PVA) obtained from the pressure-volume diagram and left ventricular oxygen consumption (LVO2) were studied. The regional myocardial infarction was created by ligating distal branches of the(More)