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Best linear unbiased prediction (BLUP), which uses pedigree to estimate breeding values, can result in increased genetic gains for low heritability traits in autotetraploid potato. Conventional potato breeding strategies, based on outcrossing followed by phenotypic recurrent selection over a number of generations, can result in slow but steady improvements(More)
PURPOSE To determine the viability of corneal surface cells and to determine whether apoptosis is present in the corneal epithelium of the rabbit. METHODS The viability of epithelial surface cells was examined using a calcein-ethidium assay. In this two-color fluorescence assay, viable cells fluoresce green, and the nuclei of nonviable cells fluoresce(More)
It has been demonstrated that corneal toricity can be altered by lifting the lids from the surface of the eye. Thus, corneal curvature is modified by the position or tension of the lids. Does it follow that differences in lid tension between individuals are related to variations in corneal toricity? A lid tensiometer was designed that measured the force(More)
When a hypotonic solution is applied to the corneal surface the stroma swells. This well-known osmotic response masks a surprising hydration change in the posterior stroma. This was studied by measuring thickness changes in the anterior, middle, and posterior stroma of the rabbit cornea. Measurements were made continuously for 1 hour following osmotic(More)
The aggregation of data from disparate sources offers clear benefits for healthcare researchers and practitioners. Such aggregation, however, must satisfy ethical, legal and social requirements: data ownership must be respected; patient privacy must not be compromised; data storage and transfer must be secure; etc. In this paper we describe the query(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether shear forces applied to the corneal epithelium by the repeated insertion and removal of a hydrogel contact lens alter the size and number of cells removed and to determine the contribution of apoptosis to this process. METHODS; Human corneal cells were collected from eight healthy subjects by sequential contact lens cytology (20(More)
We report upon the development of sif (for service-oriented interoperability framework), a platform that has been developed to support the secure aggregation of medical data from disparate sources. By taking a data-agnostic approach to data access and transfer, sif provides a generic interface to data sources, which allows the current version to expose data(More)
It is generally believed that tears are required to furnish only oxygen to the corneal epithelium. However, as tears are a very complicated solution, it is likely that other factors are essential to the cells of the corneal surface. The amount of light scattered from the epithelial surface of the excised rabbit cornea was examined with the in vitro specular(More)
PURPOSE To determine under what conditions hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) can penetrate the cornea and cause increased concentrations of H2O2 in the aqueous humor. METHODS Rabbit corneas were exposed in vitro and in vivo to H2O2 concentrations up to 60 mmol/l either in a 600 microliter volume or as consecutive drops. H2O2 was measured over time either in the(More)
PURPOSE Phosphorylation of myosin light chain (MLC) is essential for the contractility of the actin cytoskeleton, which regulates barrier integrity, adhesion, and migration. This study was conducted to investigate the effect of benzalkonium chloride (BAK), a preservative in topical ophthalmic formulations, on MLC phosphorylation in primary cultures of(More)