Graeme W. Milton

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Scaling limits of critical percolation models show major differences between low and high dimensional models. The article discusses the formulation of the continuum limit for the former case. A mathematical framework is proposed for the direct description of the limiting continuum theory. The resulting structure is expected to exhibit strict conformal(More)
A numerical scheme is presented to compute the response of a composite material to an applied eld. The scheme is based on an iteration that uses a Fourier transform based projection method to compute the response of a reference material to the applied eld, and a contraction mapping to relate the response of the reference material to the response of the(More)
  • Citation Qiu, Li Chengwei, Baile Hu, Bae-Ian Zhang, Steven G Wu, John D Johnson +75 others
  • 2009
Spherical cloaking using nonlinear transformations for improved segmentation into concentric isotropic coatings. Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the publisher's site for terms of use. The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this(More)
Examination of the case-records of women presenting to the Melanoma Unit at Sydney Hospital over the period 1961-71 has shown that women with pregnancies before the development of melanoma had a better survival-rate from melanoma than women without previous pregnancies. The known presence of fetal antigens on melanoma cells and immunisation against fetal(More)
In a case control study of 287 women aged 15-24 years with malignant melanoma and 574 matched controls, findings relating to oral contraceptive use and other hormone use are reported. Ever having used oral contraceptives was not associated with an increased risk of melanoma (relative risk for ever use of the pill = 1.0). Women with melanoma were, however,(More)
Dispersion inequalities are presented to check for the self-consistency of experimentally obtained complex moduli, such as the complex dielectric constant, magnetic permeability, and complex bulk and shear moduli of viscoelastic materials. Unlike the Kramers-Kronig dispersion relations, they only require measurements over a nite frequency range. They can(More)
The electromagnetic analog of an elastic spring-mass network is constructed. These electromagnetic circuits offer the promise of manipulating electromagnetic fields in new ways, and linear electrical circuits correspond to a subclass of them. They consist of thin triangular magnetic components joined at the edges by cylindrical dielectric components. (There(More)
Suppose that a composite is constructed from two phases and that we propagate an electromagnetic signal through it. The velocity of the signal in the composite depends on the microstructure. What microstructures are associated with the maximum and minimum speeds of the electromagnetic signal? Here we show that the group velocity of a pulse can be higher in(More)
Using the translation method of Tartar, Murat, Lurie, and Cherkaev bounds are derived on the volume occupied by an inclusion in a three-dimensional conducting body. They assume electrical impedance tomography measurements have been made for three sets of pairs of current flux and voltage measurements around the boundary. Additionally the conductivity of the(More)
The cell-mediated cytotoxicity (CMC) of blood mononuclear cells against cultured human melanoma cells was measured in patients after surgical removal of localized melanoma, at a time when they were considered on clinical grounds to be free of melanoma. It was found that the distribution of CMC values against melanoma cells in melanoma patients was different(More)