Graeme Taylor

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Beak and feather disease virus (BFDV) infections are often fatal to both captive and wild parrot populations. Its recent discovery in a wild population of native red-fronted parakeets has raised concerns for the conservation of native parrots, all of which are threatened or endangered. The question of a recent introduction versus a native genotype of the(More)
Comparisons among patterns exhibited by functionally distinct genetic markers have been widely used to infer the impacts of demography and selection in structuring genetic variation in natural populations. However, such multilocus comparisons remain an indirect evaluation of selection at particular candidate loci; ideally, the identification of a candidate(More)
A micro rover, code-named Moonraker, was developed to demonstrate the feasibility of 10kg-class lunar rover missions. Requirements were established based on the Google Lunar X-Prize mission guidelines in order to effectively evaluate the prototype. A 4-wheel skid steer configuration was determined to be effective to reduce mass, maximize regolith(More)
Although it is clear that lipid deregulation is a critical component of many neurodegenerative diseases, including stroke and Alzheimer's disease, the tools to adequately study such changes are still being developed. While acquisition of lipidomic data has been greatly improved with the development of new technologies, the bottleneck of this type of " omic(More)
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