Graeme Swanson

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A key challenge in designing high-bandwidth systems such as datarouters and super-computers is to transferring large amounts of data between ICs – either on the same circuit board or between boards. Analysis of typical backplane channel attenuation (-24dB) and package losses (-1 to -2dB) in the presence of crosstalk predict that an un-equalized transceiver(More)
Genetic correlations (r ) between Lifespan (LS) and conformation traits in the Ayrshire breed were obtained from data on g 8087 heifers which calved between 1976 and August 1990. The r were estimated from a series of multivariate analyses g applying an animal model restricted maximum-likelihood procedure. The genetic relationship between LS and somatic cell(More)
The efficiency of part lactation test day (TD) records in first parity for the genetic evaluation of bulls and cows using a random regression model (RRM) and a fixed regression model (FRM) was studied, modelling the random and fixed lactation curves by Legendre polynomials. The data set consisted of 9 242 783 TD records for first lactation milk yield of 1(More)
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