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The inclusion of different carrier materials in a dry powder inhaler (DPI) system can alter formulation performance, which might be attributable to variation in the adhesion between drug and carrier particles. The aim of this study was, therefore, to further examine the relationship between drug-carrier adhesion and performance, by comparing data relating(More)
A simple, high throughput method of analysis of trimethylamine in body fluids has been developed to assist with the management of patients with the inherited metabolic disorder, trimethylaminuria. The headspace in sealed vials was analysed using perdeuterated (2H10)trimethylamine hydrochloride as an internal standard. The gas chromatograph inlet system of(More)
When melatonin is reacted with pentafluoropropionic anhydride for selected ion monitoring or electron capture gas chromatographic analysis a volatile product results. Examination of the product by combined gas chromatography mass spectrometry has established that the molecular weight of 360 corresponds to the addition of one molecule of pentafluoropropionic(More)
Genetic forms of severe insulin resistance are often characterized by alterations in binding and/or kinase properties of the insulin receptor. To evaluate whether alterations in insulin receptor kinase of erythrocytes can be used as genetic markers, we studied patients with two apparently inherited conditions of severe insulin resistance (leprechaunism and(More)
Inhalation abuse of various toxic agents continues to be a significant health problem among the younger segment of our society. We describe four cases of sudden death in adolescents associated with recreational sniffing of typewriter correction fluid occurring during the period 1979 through mid-1984. The solvents used in most of these fluids,(More)
Two healthy adults with low fumarylacetoacetase activity in fibroblasts and lymphocytes, one a compound heterozygote for the tyrosinaemia and the pseudodeficiency genes and the other a homozygote for the pseudodeficiency gene, produced substantial amounts of succinylacetone when given an intravenous homogentisate load. The level of metabolites correlated(More)