Graeme Robertson

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Confidence in mechanism: Creating a more holistic understanding of disease pathophysiology and an early confidence in the mechanism under investigation could help facilitate the selection of not only the most appropriate targets but also the best mechanisms for disease intervention and how to select and optimise the best compounds. Drug target and candidate(More)
Two libraries of substituted benzimidazoles were designed using a 'scaffold-hopping' approach based on reported MDM2-p53 inhibitors. Substituents were chosen following library enumeration and docking into an MDM2 X-ray structure. Benzimidazole libraries were prepared using an efficient solution-phase approach and screened for inhibition of the MDM2-p53 and(More)
COLE J. HARVEY: Adaptive Electoral Manipulation in Hybrid Regimes: A multi-level analysis of vote-buying and ballot-rigging in the 2011 Russian election (Under the direction of Graeme Robertson) Elections have become a commonplace feature of authoritarian regimes, yet the dynamics of such elections remain murky. Do authoritarian governments employ different(More)
Healthcare lags behind other industries when it comes to the implementation of information technology. The World Health Organisation estimates that 20-40% of resources spent on healthcare are wasted. However, new advances in technology make it possible to integrate previously separate facility systems to form an " intelligent " hospital infrastructure. As a(More)
There are many factors that influence predictivity in drug discovery and impact on productivity within the pharmaceutical industry. This article will concentrate on just two aspects; first, the role of investigating target modulation within a (human) disease setting, from target selection through screening to animal models, and second, potential(More)
This thesis examines how oligarch football club investments in Central and Eastern Europe face restrictions based on regime type. Oligarchs gained political and economic control of this region following the collapse of communist regimes in the early 1990s. This region also saw great change when athletic institutions fell and football became an avenue for(More)
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