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Malaysia recorded 19,544 dengue cases in 1997, 37% higher than the number reported in 1996 and the highest recorded since the disease was made notifiable in 1973. Included were 806 cases of dengue haemorrhagic fever with 50 deaths. Cases were reported throughout the year but peaked in July. Although all states were affected, most cases were reported in(More)
Species-specific and mixed-species volume and above ground biomass allometric equations were developed for 15 indigenous tree species and four tree fern species in New Zealand. A mixed-species tree equation based on breast height diameter (DBH) and tree height (H) provided acceptable estimates of stem plus branch (>10 cm in diameter over bark) volume, which(More)
  • Bronwen Harvey, Corrine Rann, +11 authors Leona Seib
  • 1997
Health authorities have reported an outbreak of cholera in Migori District, Nyanza Province. The outbreak began mid-June and 555 cases with 29 deaths had been notified up to 24 August. Control measures instituted by the Ministry of Health, including health education and case management, are continuing. The area affected is in south western Kenya bordering(More)
There were 58,074 communicable disease notifications for 1995 to the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System. Barmah Forest virus was reported separately for the first time with 756 notifications, including an outbreak on the south coast of New South Wales. There were fewer notifications of Ross River virus infection than in previous years.(More)
FQPA requires determination of the combined potential risk from both dietary (food and drinking water) and non-dietary (residential) routes of exposures to pesticides. Critical to the implementation and ultimately to the impact of FQPA are the validity of the risk assessments. Fundamental to the practice of sound science in risk assessment is accuracy in(More)
The very graphic name of 'sandwich composites' adequately describes them as structures with a relatively thick core made of lightweight or low density material separating two thin stiff and strong skins. Such choice of geometry and combination of materials yields a product with reasonable strength and bending stiffness in combination with lightness. This(More)
The effect of soil erosion on New Zealand production forestry is not well known and there has been no research prior to our study into the relationship between soil nutrient status and planted forests growing in eroded soils in steeplands. The impact of soil erosion by mass movement on forest productivity was investigated in a paired plot trial in a planted(More)
Key science policies have had significant impact on the evolving implementation of the Food Quality and Protection Act (FQPA) (PL 104-170, 1996) by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The impact offour of these policies will be examined using the risk assessment for chlorpyrifos as a case study. These policies are selection of a regulatory(More)