Graeme McCaig

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This paper describes the conceptual and implementation shift from a creative research-based evolutionary system to a real-world evolutionary system for professional designers. The initial system, DarwinsGaze, is a Creative Genetic Programing system based on creative cognition theories. It generated artwork that 10,000's of viewers perceived as human-created(More)
The Tooka was created as an exploration of two person instruments. We have worked with two Tooka performers to enhance the original experimental device to make a musical instrument played and enjoyed by them. The main additions to the device include: an additional button that behaves as a music capture button, a bend sensor, an additional thumb-actuated(More)
Here we propose a novel musical controller which acquires imaging data of the tongue with a two-dimensional medical ultrasound scanner. A computer vision algorithm extracts from the image a discrete tongue shape to control, in real-time, a musical synthesizer and musical effects. We evaluate the mapping space between tongue shape and controller parameters(More)
We examine two recent artificial intelligence (AI) based deep learning algorithms for visual blending in convolutional neural networks (Mordvintsev et al. 2015, Gatys et al. 2015). To investigate the potential value of these algorithms as tools for computational creativity research, we explain and schematize the essential aspects of the algorithms'(More)
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