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Understanding the mechanics of the aortic valve has been a focus of attention for many years in the biomechanics literature, with the aim of improving the longevity of prosthetic replacements. Finite element models have been extensively used to investigate stresses and deformations in the valve in considerable detail. However, the effect of uncertainties in(More)
A novel technique for the evaluation of neural network robustness against uncertainty using a nonprobabilistic approach is presented. Conventional optimization techniques were employed to train multilayer perceptron (MLP) networks, which were then probed with an uncertainty analysis using an information-gap model to quantify the network response to(More)
In broad terms, there are two approaches to damage identification. Model-driven methods establish a high-fidelity physical model of the structure, usually by finite element analysis, and then establish a comparison metric between the model and the measured data from the real structure. If the model is for a system or structure in normal (i.e. undamaged)(More)
Wind turbines are subject to variable aerodynamic loads and extreme environmental conditions. Wind turbine components fail frequently, resulting in high maintenance costs. For this reason, gearbox condition monitoring becomes important since gearboxes are among the wind turbine components with the most frequent failure observations. The major challenge here(More)
The application of a simple thresholding technique to help assess the satisfactory performance of classification networks formed from Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) artificial neural networks (ANNs) is discussed. Both conventional Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Evidence based training paradigms were implemented. Firstly a simulated data set drawn from a(More)
The enuresis alarm described is a portable device designed for 'toilet training' of mentally sub-normal children. It weighs 70 gm with battery, has dimensions of 90 x 60 x 30 mm and conforms to DHSS recommendations. The battery life is over 1000 hours (6 weeks) in continuous use. Total component cost is is pounds 6.20 (in 1978), construction is simple and(More)