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This paper reports the development of a new chemical formulation, Dy-HMA, to utilise the advantages of dysprosium 165 in radiation synovectomy of certain forms of arthritis. Dy-HMA is a sterile suspension of dysprosium hydroxide macroaggregates (approximately 6 mg Dy/ml) in saline with the majority of particles in the 3–5 μm range. The absence of ferric(More)
We have used commercially available molecular sieves (zeolites) to adsorb radioactivity onto small (approximately 2.1 mm diameter) beads for use in various applications in nuclear medicine. Soaking the beads in [99mTc]-NaTcO4 solution of approximately 3 GBq ml(-1) for 1-2 min can produce point sources containing 3-6 MBq total. Radioactive uptake was(More)
OBJECTIVES Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT) with yttrium-90 ((90)Y) and lutetium-177 ((177)Lu)-labelled SST analogues are now therapy option for patients who have failed to respond to conventional medical therapy. In-house production with automated PRRT synthesis systems have clear advantages over manual methods resulting in increasing use in(More)
OBJECTIVES Gallium-68 (Ga-68) is an ideal research and hospital-based PET radioisotope. Currently, the main form of Ga-68 radiopharmaceutical that is being synthesised in-house is Ga-68 conjugated with DOTA based derivatives. The development of automated synthesis systems has increased the reliability, reproducibility and safety of radiopharmaceutical(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to demonstrate a fast, safe and simple method for preparing heat-damaged red blood cells. METHODS Patient blood was radiolabeled using the Ultra-Tag RBC kit and then heated to 49.5 degrees C for 20 min. The reaction vial was cooled in ice water for 1 min and the required activity was administered to the patient. The(More)
OBJECTIVES In lung cancer preoperative evaluation, functional lung imaging is commonly used to assess lobar function. Computed tomography ventilation (CT-V) imaging is an emerging lung function imaging modality. We compared CT-V imaging assessment of lobar function and its prediction of postoperative lung function to that achieved by (i) positron emission(More)
Biodistributions of a series of thirteen 99mTc-o-hydroxy-benzyliminodiacetic acid complexes were carried out in rats and their hepatobiliary and urinary outputs correlated with lipophilicity, molecular weight, influence of substituent and plasma protein binding. Hepatobiliary output was moderate for those ligands with large alkyl substituents [t-butyl(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was performed to assess the sterility of multidose 99mTc generator eluate vials at the end of a working day. METHODS Expired 99mTc generator eluate vials were collected over a period of 10 wk and stored until the activity reached background. Four batches of 10 vials each were selected randomly and sent to an independent microbiology(More)
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