Graeme Fincke

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BACKGROUND Our objective was to develop a patient-based measure of the severity of osteoarthritis of the knee, focusing on symptomatology, that may be used in conjunction with measures of health-related quality of life in monitoring the health status of outpatients. METHODS We surveyed a random sample of male outpatients at Boston-area Veterans Affairs(More)
BACKGROUND Screening for prostate cancer is done commonly in clinical practice, using prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests or digital rectal examination (DRE). Evidence is lacking, however, to confirm a survival benefit among screened patients. We evaluated the effectiveness of PSA, with or without DRE, in reducing mortality. METHODS We conducted a(More)
The objective of the study was to develop a self-reported measure of patients' comorbid illnesses that could be readily administered in ambulatory care settings and that would improve assessment of their health-related quality of life and utilization of health services. Data were analyzed from the Veterans Health Study, an observational study of health(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the health status of elderly veteran enrollees, stratified by age group, and compare with nonveteran populations. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING Outpatient. PARTICIPANTS A total of 1,406,049 veteran enrollees were surveyed, and 887,775 returned the questionnaire (63.1%). Of these, 663,729 (74%) were aged 65 and older. (More)
STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional data were analyzed from the Veterans Health Study, an observational study of patients receiving ambulatory care. OBJECTIVE To develop a method of stratifying patients with low back pain by combining patient reports of radiating leg pain with the results of straight leg raising tests. SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND DATA Four hundred(More)
BACKGROUND Information on the health status of centenarians provides a means for understanding the health care needs of this growing population. Therefore, we examined the health status of a national cohort of centenarian veteran enrollees. METHODS Ninety-three centenarian veteran enrollees returned a complete health history questionnaire, which included(More)
BACKGROUND The Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System (VA) is the largest integrated single payer system in the United States. To date, there has been no systematic measurement of health status in the VA. The Veterans Health Study has developed methods to assess patient-based health status in ambulatory populations. OBJECTIVES To describe the(More)
OBJECTIVE The quality of outpatient medical care is increasingly recognized as having an important impact on mortality. We examined whether a clinically credible risk adjustment methodology can be developed for outpatient quality assessments. RESEARCH DESIGN This study used data from the 1998 National Survey of Ambulatory Care Patients, a prospective(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES We developed a symptom-based measure of severity for chronic lung disease (CLD) that can be readily administered in ambulatory care settings and be used to supplement general health-related quality of life (HRQoL) assessments and pathophysiologic indicators in research and clinical care. DESIGN Cross-sectional data from the Veterans(More)
We analyzed data from outpatients with chronic low back pain (LBP) in the Veterans Health Study (n = 563) to examine the relationship between localized LBP intensity and radiating leg pain in assessing patient functional status, low back disability, and use of diagnostic imaging. Based on the localized LBP intensity, the study subjects were divided into(More)