Graeme Chester

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This paper describes a simplified technique for biopsy of the retina and choroid which had been used in 5 human volunteers. The biopsy was carried out in 4 immediately before enucleation of an eye for malignant melanoma and in 1 patient who was undergoing trabeculectomy for painful glaucoma associated with retinitis pigmentosa. A combination of intravenous(More)
A massive dose of 7.5 g of 4,4'-diamino, diphenyl sulphone (dapsone) taken as a suicide attempt in a patient on long-term therapy for tuberculoid leprosy resulted in permanent bilateral retinal necrosis, previously unreported side effect of this drug. The patient developed a severe haemolytic anaemia, methaemoglobinaemia, and acute renal failure requiring(More)
After chorioretinal biopsy in dogs, obtained without vitreous loss, accessory glial cells and fibroblasts filled the defect between cortical vitreous and bare sclera. The proliferating glial cells laid down a new basement membrane which was complete both on the internal and external aspects of the defect. After biopsy complicated by vitreous loss, however,(More)
In this paper, the wireless data and power transfer for a novel optogenetic visual cortex implant system was demonstrated by using pork tissue mimic in-vitro at the ISM 2.4 GHz and 13.5 MHz frequency band respectively. The observed data rate was 120 kbps with no loss in data for up to a thickness of 35 mm in both water & pork. To increase the power level of(More)
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