Graeme Bainbridge

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We have produced an Fc conjugate of colony-stimulating factor (CSF) 1 with an improved circulating half-life. CSF1-Fc retained its macrophage growth-promoting activity, and did not induce proinflammatory cytokines in vitro. Treatment with CSF1-Fc did not produce adverse effects in mice or pigs. The impact of CSF1-Fc was examined using the Csf1r-enhanced(More)
Porins, such as Escherichia coli OmpF, provide the only reported example of a voltage-gated channel where the three-dimensional structure is known to high resolution. Mutations that affect voltage-gating are clustered around the eyelet region, which is a mid-channel constriction caused by a polypeptide loop (L3) folding inside the lumen of this beta-barrel(More)
Three sulfhydryl labels were used to modify two mutated sites, R37C and R74C in the eyelet of the outer membrane porin OmpC. Modification of R37C with the neutral groups Aldrithiol and bimane increases thermal stability but the negatively charged iodoacetate causes a decrease in thermal stability. The effects of substitution at R74C were less significant.(More)
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