Graeme A. Stewart

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Distributed management of data is one of the most important problems facing grids. Within the Enabling Grids for Enabling eScience (EGEE) project, currently the world's largest production grid, a sophisticated hierarchy of data management and storage tools have been developed to help Virtual Organisations (VOs) with this task. In this paper we review the(More)
In this paper, we discuss experiences with making the two large national Grids interoperable, the National Grid Service, NGS, and the UK Grid for particle physics (GridPP). We describe the current state, ongoing convergence efforts, and suggest future directions. It is our hope that the practical experience presented in this paper may be of use to other(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the relationships between heart score (mean QRS interval), heart weight and body weight in Greyhound dogs. Highly significant correlations between these measurements have been observed and distinct sex differences have been demonstrated. The results of multiple regression analysis indicated that 66% of the variation in(More)
The automation of operations is essential to reduce manpower costs and improve the reliability of the system. The Site Status Board (SSB) is a framework which allows Virtual Organizations to monitor their computing activities at distributed sites and to evaluate site performance. The ATLAS experiment intensively uses the SSB for the distributed computing(More)