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The atlantoaxial joints of a patient with lateral subluxation of the atlas were studied post mortem by dissection. There was severe erosion of the left lateral atlantoaxial joint and an asymmetrical erosion of the cartilages of the median atlantoaxial joint which prevented reduction of the lateral subluxation. The atlantoaxial ligaments were remarkably(More)
The Journal of InQuIrY STudenT croSS–culTural fIeld reSearch V o l u m e 1 • n u m b e r 1 • W I n T e r 2 0 0 6 Abstract In the Maya community of Nahuala, Guatemala, youth gangs have become a growing public health problem. Once considered primarily an urban phenomenon, gangs have gained a foothold in this rural community. According to many members of the(More)
Davis Gerald Scott (Writer) (Last Name) (First) The benefits of good customer satisfaction on business as well as the costs of poor customer satisfaction have been clearly demonstrated in the research literature. The Met-Expectations Model of Customer Satisfaction is based on the premise that quality can be defined by the differences between the customer(More)
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