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Three novel isolates (A-354T, A-328, and A-384) were retrieved from apparently healthy scleractinian Madracis decactis in the remote St Peter & St Paul Archipelago, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Brazil. The novel isolates formed a distinct lineage based on the phylogenetic reconstruction using the 16S rRNA and pyrH gene sequences. They fell into the Mediterranei(More)
Salinivibrios are moderately halophilic bacteria found in salted meats, brines and hypersaline environments. We obtained three novel conspecific Salinivibrio strains closely related to S. costicola, from Socompa Lake, a high altitude hypersaline Andean lake (approx. 3,570 meters above the sea level). The three novel Salinivibrio spp. were extremely(More)
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