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This interdisciplinary long-term study examined the effects of recreational noise exposure on the hearing of adolescents. Boys and girls (aged 14-17 years) were examined during a four-year period. Audiological, psychosocial, and sound measurements were performed yearly to determine the hearing threshold level (HTL) of participants in the 250-16000 Hz range,(More)
Part II, continuation of a previous paper, describes the significant hearing threshold shift found during the third year of the long-term study, which continued to be present in the fourth year, in a number of adolescents classified as Subgroup 2, who showed a higher mean HTL in the middle and especially in the high frequency ranges than the rest of the(More)
Public concern for animal welfare has progressively grown over the recent years. In this context, stress has a great economical impact on growth of animals and quality of animal products. The development and validation of methods to assess animal stress, particularly at the farm level, are desirable to evaluate animal production systems. Piemontese breed is(More)
The study reports on 1624 cases of pregnancy in girls aged 14 or less, treated at a Venezuelan hospital over a 30-year period. The frequency of such cases was 1.95/1000 admissions to the maternity clinic, i.e., 1 case for every 512. The most common ages were 13 and 14, only 33 cases were of ages 11 and 12. 70.7% were single. The most common age of(More)
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