Graciela Boente

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In this paper, under a semiparametric partly linear regression model with fixed design , we introduce a family of robust procedures to select the bandwidth parameter. The robust plug–in proposal is based on nonparametric robust estimates of the ν−th derivatives and under mild conditions, it converges to the optimal bandwidth. A robust cross–validation(More)
In many situations, when dealing with several populations with different covariance operators, equality of the operators is assumed. Usually, if this assumption does not hold, one estimates the covariance operator of each group separately, which leads to a large number of parameters. As in the multivariate setting, this is not satisfactory since the(More)
In many situations, data follow a generalized linear model in which the mean of the responses is modelled, through a link function, linearly on the covariates. In this paper, robust estimators for the regression parameter are considered in order to build test statistics for this parameter when missing data occur in the responses. We derive the asymptotic(More)
As in the multivariate setting, the class of elliptical distributions on separable Hilbert spaces serves as an important vehicle and reference point for the development and evaluation of robust methods in functional data analysis. In this paper, we present a simple characterization of elliptical distributions on separable Hilbert spaces, namely we show that(More)