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In the mature retina, the dendrites of On and Off ganglion cells are segregated into separate sublaminas of the inner plexiform layer, but early in development these processes are multistratified, ramifying more widely within this synaptic layer. The dendritic pattern exhibited by immature ganglion cells suggests that there may be a functional convergence(More)
Senosory neurons manifest pronounced changes in excitability during maturation, but the factors contributing to this ubiquitous developmental phenomenon are not well understood. To assess the contribution of intrinsic membrane properties to such changes in excitability, in the present study whole cell patch-clamp recordings were made from developing(More)
Patch-clamp recordings were made from isolated and intact retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) of the ferret to examine the calcium-activated potassium channels expressed by these neurons and to determine their functional role in the generation of spikes and spiking patterns. Single-channel recordings from isolated neurons revealed the presence of two(More)
Wistar rats (close cloned strain) were used to investigate the effect of endogenous laminin and fibronectin on axons, Schwann cells and perineurial cells in the regenerating peripheral nervous system (PNS). Sciatic nerve grafts obtained from donor rats were frozen, thawed and treated with rabbit anti-rat laminin or anti-fibronectin antiserum. Control grafts(More)
Regeneration of the sciatic nerve in transplanted nerve grafts in which laminin was inactivated was examined electron microscopically. Nerve grafts for transplantation were obtained from close cloned donor Wistar rats; 1-cm nerve segments of the sciatic nerve were frozen and thawed to kill the Schwann cells. Control recipient rats received grafts treated(More)
Methadone has been used as a pharmacotherapy for the treatment of opiate dependence since the mid-1960s. Many studies examining the benefits of methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) for opiate dependence have documented a significant reduction in both criminal behavior and the use of other opiates. Nevertheless, emerging evidence suggests that MMT may(More)
It is now well established that retinal ganglion activity is essential to the normal development of the mammalian visual system. Moreover, it has been shown that the critical periods of activity occur well before the time when the retina is capable of detecting light. To better understand these activity-mediated events, patch-clamp studies have begun to(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigated the electrophysiological activity associated with methadone maintenance treatment (MMT). METHODS The resting EEG spectrum of beta (14.5-30 Hz), alpha (8-13 Hz), theta (4-7.5 Hz) and delta (1.5-3.5 Hz) rhythm were measured in 32 patients undertaking chronic MMT, 17 opiate users and 25 healthy volunteers. Differences in the(More)
The role of iron deficiency in noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) was evaluated in 64 rats of four different experimental groups. Iron-deficient rats (ID-rats) and normal rats (N-rats) were simultaneously exposed to a steady state white noise (20-10,000 Hz) at 110 dB SPL for 30 min. Unexposed ID- and N-rats served as controls. In N-rats the temporary(More)
Piperazine-based designer drugs such as benzylpiperazine (BZP) and trifluoromethylphenylpiperazine (TFMPP) have been marketed and sold as legal alternatives to dexamphetamine and 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) until 2008 in New Zealand. When administered in combination, BZP + TFMPP have been reported to produce drug-drug synergism in rodents by(More)