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2Vinod K Aggarwal
2Rishi Chandra
1Ildoo Park
1L Shpritz
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The phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase subunit PIK3CA is frequently mutated in human cancers. Here we used gene targeting to "knock in" PIK3CA mutations into human breast epithelial cells to identify new therapeutic targets associated with oncogenic PIK3CA. Mutant PIK3CA knockin cells were capable of epidermal growth factor and mTOR-independent cell(More)
Email is one of the most prevalent communication tools today, and solving the email overload problem is pressingly urgent. A good way to alleviate email overload is to automatically prioritize received messages f1ording to the priorities of each user. However, research on statistical learning methods for fully personalized email prioritization has been(More)
The present study used conventional and quantitative microdialysis to assess glutamatergic and GABAergic neurotransmission in the hippocampal CA3 area of the rat following a moderate-dose ethanol treatment regimen. Male Wistar rats received 3.4 g/kg of ethanol or water for 6 days via gastric gavage. Microdialysis experiments commenced 2 days later. Basal(More)
  • Stuart Smith, Andrzej Witkowski, Ayesha Moghul, Yuko Yoshinaga, Michael Nefedov, Pieter de Jong +22 others
  • 2012
A mouse model with compromised mitochondrial fatty acid synthesis has been engineered in order to assess the role of this pathway in mitochondrial function and overall health. Reduction in the expression of mitochondrial malonyl CoA-acyl carrier protein transacylase, a key enzyme in the pathway encoded by the nuclear Mcat gene, was achieved to varying(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research has found relationships between specific indoor environmental exposures and exacerbation of asthma. OBJECTIVES In this review we provide an updated summary of knowledge from the scientific literature on indoor exposures and exacerbation of asthma. METHODS Peer-reviewed articles published from 2000 to 2013 on indoor exposures(More)
BACKGROUND In Singapore, an outbreak of fungal keratitis caused by members of the Fusarium solani species complex (FSSC) was identified in March 2005 to May 2006 involving 66 patients. Epidemiological investigations have indicated that improper contact lens wear and the use of specific contact lens solutions were risk factors. METHODS We assessed the(More)
  • Kathleen Delate, Dan Cwach, R Mischler, S W Duiker, W S Curran, K Sinclair +21 others
  • 2009
Introduction The Rodale Institute (Kutztown, PA) began experimenting with an Organic No–Till Plus system in 2004, where commercial crops (corn, soybean, pumpkin) were no-till drilled or planted into cover crops that were rolled with a roller/crimper. The roller consists of a large steel cylinder (10.5 ft. wide x 16 in. diameter) filled with water to provide(More)
The Open Regulatory Annotation database (ORegAnno) is a resource for curated regulatory annotation. It contains information about regulatory regions, transcription factor binding sites, RNA binding sites, regulatory variants, haplotypes, and other regulatory elements. ORegAnno differentiates itself from other regulatory resources by facilitating(More)