Grace Tumwekwase

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OBJECTIVE The risk of stroke rises after episodes of herpes zoster and chickenpox, which are caused by varicella zoster virus (VZV). We conducted a pilot case-control study of stroke, nested within a long-standing cohort in Uganda (the General Population Cohort), to examine antibodies against VZV prior to diagnosis. METHODS We used stored sera to examine(More)
This paper reports research conducted among the aged residents of a rural, Southwestern Ugandan village. It documents their knowledge of HIV/AIDS, their perceptions of their own risk of infection, and the multiple impacts of the current HIV/AIDS epidemic on their lives. Most older individuals have a sound understanding of the sexual transmission of HIV, and(More)
TUAB0105LB Figure 1. Cumulative incidence of switch at 3 years of ART by age at start of ART, initial regimen and monitoring strategy by region. 21st International AIDS Conference Abstract Supplement Journal of the International AIDS Society 2016, 19 (Suppl 5) |(More)
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