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The problems encountered by students in first year computer programming units are a common concern in many universities including Victoria University. A fundamental component of a computer science curriculum, computer programming is a mandatory unit in a computing course. It is also one of the most feared and hated units by many novice computing students(More)
The way in which novice programmers learn to write code is of considerable interest to computing education researchers. One research approach to understanding how beginners acquire their programming abilities has been to look at student performance in exams. Lopez et al. (2008) analyzed student responses to an end-of-first-semester exam. They found two(More)
Wnt/ß-catenin signaling is strongly implicated in neoplasia, but the role of this pathway in human breast cancer has been controversial. Here, we examined Wnt/ß-catenin pathway activation as a function of breast cancer progression, and tested for a relationship with HER2/neu expression, using a human tissue microarray comprising benign breast tissues,(More)
Executive Summary In a Finnish study of four different academic disciplines, Ylijoki (2000) found that in Computer Science there was a disparity between the conceptions held by undergraduate students and staff about their discipline; students viewed it as being far more pragmatic and results focused than did their instructors. Not surprisingly, here at our(More)
Executive Summary Genetic algorithms (GAs) are a problem solving strategy that uses stochastic search. Since their introduction (Holland, 1975), GAs have proven to be particularly useful for solving problems that are 'intractable' using classical methods. The language of genetic algorithms (GAs) is heavily laced with biological metaphors from evolutionary(More)
We seek a method to reconstruct mosaiced trichromatic images, using Bayesian methods in conjunction with a multivariate Cauchy prior. The Cauchy distribution is able to model the heavy-tailed distribution of spatial subband coefficients. Furthermore, the marginals of a multivariate Cauchy distribution are also Cauchy, making it useful for the color case(More)
Teaching future knowledge engineers, the necessary skills for designing and implementing intelligent software solutions required by business, industry and research today, is a very tall order. These skills are not easily taught in traditional undergraduate computer science lectures; nor are the practical experiences easily reinforced in laboratory sessions.(More)