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Although many transgender individuals are able to realize their gender identity without surgical intervention, a significant and increasing portion of the trans population is seeking gender-confirming surgery (alternatively, gender reassignment surgery, sexual reassignment surgery, or gender-affirming surgery). This review presents a robust overview of(More)
Gender dysphoria (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition) is characterized by a marked discrepancy between one's birth-assigned sex and one's gender identity and is sometimes addressed by gender-affirming surgery. As public visibility and institutional support for the transgender and gender non-conforming population continue to(More)
INTRODUCTION The complex anatomy and function of the native penis is difficult to surgically replicate. Metoidioplasty and radial forearm flap phalloplasty (RFFP) are the 2 most commonly utilized procedures for transgender neophallus construction. METHODS A MEDLINE search for metoidioplasty and RFFP in female-to-male genital reconstruction was performed.(More)
MATeRIALs AnD MeTHODs: A retrospective chart review was conducted of all outpatient penile skin inversion vaginoplasties performed in our practice from 2001 to 2016. Data collection included patient demographics and comorbidities. Operative time, combined procedures, preand post-operative antibiotic use, and estimated blood loss were recorded. Immediate and(More)
W would like to thank Dr. Elfering et al.1 for their comments regarding our article “An Update on Genital Reconstruction Options for the Female-to-Male Transgender Patient: A Review of the Literature.” Like these authors, we agree that there is no solitary, ideal neophallus and that goals for each procedure should be individualized to each unique patient.(More)
RESULTS: Systematic Literature Review: Literature review yielded 18 papers with 222 patients who underwent single-staged reconstruction and 16 papers with 114 patients who underwent delayed reconstruction. Six included both single and delayed reconstruction. Since 2005, our institution performed thirteen AV loops, four as single-stage and nine as two-stage,(More)
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