Grace P. Navaja

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CONTEXT Polymorphisms of the serotonin transporter gene (SERT) have been associated with mental illness. In people with long-term medical conditions, variants of the 5-HTTLPR and STin2 VNTR polymorphisms of SERT have been shown to confer a heightened vulnerability to comorbid depression. OBJECTIVE To determine whether the 5-HTTLPR, STin2 VNTR, and rs25531(More)
Irritable bowel syndrome is a frequent gastrointestinal disorder of unknown etiology. The serotonin transporter regulates the intensity and duration of serotonin signaling in the gut and is, therefore, an attractive candidate gene for irritable bowel syndrome. Previous studies investigating the 5-HTTLPR and Stin2 VNTR polymorphisms of the serotonin(More)
In the learned helplessness (LH) animal model of depression, failure to attempt escape from avoidable environmental stress, LH, indicates behavioral despair, whereas nonhelpless (NH) behavior reflects behavioral resilience to the effects of environmental stress. Comparing hippocampal gene expression with large-scale oligonucleotide microarrays, we found(More)
This study investigates the association of psychological symptoms with the distribution of two serotonin transporter gene (SERT) polymorphisms, located in the promoter region (5-HTTLPR) and in intron 2 (STin2 VNTR), in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Participants, 21 men and 117 women, were assessed for mental health history and current(More)
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