Grace O'Malley

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OBJECTIVE To determine if beneficial effects of a weight-management program could be sustained for up to 24 months in a randomized trial in an ethnically diverse obese population. PATIENTS AND METHODS There were 209 obese children (BMI > 95th percentile), ages 8 to 16 of mixed ethnic backgrounds randomly assigned to the intensive lifestyle intervention or(More)
Cell surface expression of stage specific embryonic antigen 1 (SSEA-1), or Lex (III3 FucnLC4), was induced in differentiated human teratocarcinoma cells and in human diploid fibroblasts 3-6 d after infection with human cytomegalovirus (HCMV). In parallel, fucosylated lactoseries glycolipids bearing the SSEA-1/Lex epitope were readily detected in the(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, the deleterious metabolic effects of visceral fat [visceral adipose tissue (VAT)] deposition were challenged, and liver fat emerged as having a key independent role in the modulation of cardiometabolic risk factors. OBJECTIVE We explored the relation between liver fat content and VAT in 3 ethnic groups and evaluated whether the ethnic(More)
INTRODUCTION Current diagnostic classifications regard psychotic symptoms during depressive episodes as indicators of depression severity. However, growing evidence suggests that depression with psychotic symptoms (MDP) may represent a distinct subtype of depression. In the course of the search for discriminating factors we tested the hypothesis that the(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is a global epidemic. Behavioral change approaches towards improving nutrition, increasing physical activity level, improving sleep, and reducing sitting time are recommended as best practices in adolescent obesity management. However, access to evidence-based treatment is limited and portable technologies such as mobile apps may provide(More)
OBJECTIVE While indexes have been proposed to estimate total and abdominal adiposity in adults, the assessment of adiposity among obese adolescents remains difficult in clinical setting. The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical applicability of total and visceral and fat mass indexes in obese adolescents. METHODS One hundred and thirty, 12-16(More)
Childhood obesity is one of the greatest health challenges of the 21st century. The EASO COTF is convinced that classifying obesity as a chronic disease in children and adolescents is a crucial step for increasing individual and societal awareness, and for improving early diagnosis and intervention. Such a classification will enhance the development of(More)
Aneurysm of the internal carotid artery was repaired in three instances by a combination of gas endarterectomy and aneurysmorrhaphy. No shunt was used during cross clamping. The occlusion was uncomplicated. Both patients (in one the procedure was bilateral) have been well for two years. Because of its simplicity and effectiveness, the method is recommended.
In a model of peritoneal metastasis in immune-competent mice, we show that nuclear factor (NF)-κB inhibition in CT26 colon cancer cells prevents metastasis. NF-κB inhibition, by stable overexpression of IκB-α super-repressor, induced differential polarization of co-cultured macrophages to an M1-like anti-tumour phenotype in vitro. NF-κB-deficient cancer(More)