Grace Mathew

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Including humans, many multicellular organisms produce similar hard tissues, such as bones, teeth, shells, skeletal units, and spicules. These hard tissues are biocomposites and incorporate both structural macromolecules (lipids, proteins, and polysaccharides) and inorganic minerals. We do not fully understand the control mechanism of biomineralization in(More)
OBJECTIVES Randall initially described calcified subepithelial papillary plaques, which he hypothesized as nidi for urinary calculi. The discovery of calcifying nanoparticles (CNP), also referred to as nanobacteria, in calcified soft tissues has raised another hypothesis about their possible involvement in urinary stone formation. This research is the first(More)
A glucose control system consisting of a single in-line glucose sensor, concentrated glucose solution, and computer hardware and software were developed. The system was applied to continuously control glucose concentrations of a perfusion medium in a rotating wall perfused vessel (RWPV) bioreactor culturing BHK-21 cells. The custom-made glucose sensor was(More)
OBJECTIVES We studied the stability of 33 analytes related to clinical chemistry, bone, and vitamin metabolism, after storage in serum separator tubes (SST). DESIGN AND METHODS Blood was collected from 6 subjects using SST tubes. Some serum remained in the tube in contact with the barrier gel and was stored at -80 degrees C for 12 mo. RESULTS Clinically(More)
The nanotechnology industry is currently in the process of producing new nanoparticles. The biological activity of nanoparticles including adverse as well as beneficial effects tends to increase as their size decreases. The smaller the particles are, the greater their bioactivity and toxicity. Thus, one can easily conjecture the impact ofa nanoparticle if(More)
There is a need to monitor the concentration of dissolved oxygen (DO) present in the culture medium for NASA's space cell biology experiments, as well as in earth-based cell cultures. Continuous measurement of DO concentration in the cell culture medium in perfused bioreactors requires that the oxygen sensor provide adequate sensitivity and low toxicity to(More)
Biologists typically define living organisms as carbon and water-based cellular forms with “selfreplication” as the fundamental trait of the life process. However, this standard dictionary definition of life does not help scientists to categorize self-replicators like viruses, prions, proteons and artificial life. CNP also named nanobacteria were discovered(More)
The assay of pregnancy urine estriol by gas chromatography is most often carried out by adding cholesterol as an internal standard at the end of the extraction procedure. The reason for this is that cholesterol does not contain a phenolic ring, and would be lost during the extraction procedure for estriol. This does not allow for corrections of recovery(More)
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