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We report a rare case of tumor extension along a biopsy needle tract from renal cell carcinoma. Percutaneous renal mass aspiration has been reported to have a 3 to 4 per cent false positive rate and a 4 to 8 per cent false negative rate, and should be reserved for those renal masses in which a diagnosis is equivocal by noninvasive radiological techniques.
Vasitis nodosa is an infrequently recognized, benign disorder that may be confused with malignancy of the vas deferens. A review of 30 patients with vasal masses removed during vasovasostomy revealed 20 men with vasitis nodosa. Of the patients 15 had vasal masses on physical examination, 1 of which was painful. Of the 20 patients with vasitis nodosa 14 had(More)
Fourteen men with a mean duration of infertility greater than 3 years who had significant sperm immobilizing or sperm-agglutinating antibodies were studied. All patients had greater than 20% IgG or IgA immunobinding to sperm in their seminal plasma and 7 had immunobinding levels of greater than 50%. Sperm from these men were less able to penetrate an(More)
Despite a wealth of activity across the globe in the area of longitudinal population cohorts, surprisingly little information is available on the natural biomedical history of a number of age-related neurodegenerative diseases (ND), and the scope for intervention studies based on these cohorts is only just beginning to be explored. The Joint Programming(More)
Although reticulocyte counts can be reliably performed for up to 48 h after storage in EDTA, it is unclear whether this is applicable to the pediatric age group. In order to evaluate this, manual reticulocyte counts were performed on 20 specimens from pediatric patients stored at 4 degrees C for up to 24 h post collection. Samples were evaluated at 1-3, 6,(More)
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