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Bipolar cells are not only important for visual processing but input from these cells may underlie the reorganization of ganglion cell dendrites in the inner plexiform layer (IPL) during development. Because little is known about the development of bipolar cells, here we have used immunocytochemical markers and dye labeling to identify and follow their(More)
Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) modulates the pattern of correlated spontaneous bursting activity between amacrine cells and ganglion cells of the ferret retina during the first postnatal month. Here, we demonstrate the presence of an anatomical network which may underlie these interactions throughout the period when correlated bursting activity is observed,(More)
When neurons exit the cell cycle after their terminal mitosis, they detach from the apical surface of the neuroepithelium. Despite the fact that this detachment is crucial for further neurogenesis and neuronal migration, the underlying mechanisms are still not understood. Here, taking advantage of the genetics and imaging possibilities of the zebrafish(More)
BACKGROUND Many modern molecular diagnostic assays targeting nucleic acids are typically confined to developed countries or to the national reference laboratories of developing-world countries. The ability to make technologies for the rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases broadly available in a portable, low-cost format would mark a revolutionary step(More)
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