Grace Ji-eun Shin

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Repulsive guidance molecule (RGM) a is a glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchored plasma membrane protein that has been implicated in chemorepulsive axon guidance. Although RGMa binds the transmembrane receptor Neogenin, the developmental events controlled by the RGMa-Neogenin interactions in vivo remain largely unknown. We have cloned full-length RGMa(More)
Cell recognition molecules are key regulators of neural circuit assembly. The Dscam family of recognition molecules in Drosophila has been shown to regulate interactions between neurons through homophilic repulsion. This is exemplified by Dscam1 and Dscam2, which together repel dendrites of lamina neurons, L1 and L2, in the visual system. By contrast, here(More)
Alternative splicing (AS) allows a single gene to generate multiple protein isoforms. It has been hypothesized that AS plays a role in brain wiring by increasing the number of cell recognition molecules necessary for forming connections between neurons. Many studies have characterized isoform expression patterns of various genes in the brain, but very few(More)
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