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During the aerobic conversion of xanthine to uric acid by xanthine oxidase, superoxide anion and hydrogen peroxide are produced along with the hydroxyl radical. Our studies demonstrate that washed human platelets incubated with xanthine and xanthine oxidase aggregated and released [14C]serotonin. Aggregation and release were dependent on the duration of(More)
Serologic tests for antineutrophil antibodies were used to determine if autoantibodies cause neutropenia. The serums of five patients with idiopathic neutropeniaopsonized normal neutrophils, causing them to be ingested by rabbit macrophages or else to activate glucose oxidation rates of other normal neutrophils by at least twice the rate of controls. Some(More)
Platelets in an infant with Chediak-Higashi (C-H) syndrome without bleeding manifestations and not in the accelerated phase showed abnormal function consistent with storage pool disorder as shown by abnormal aggregation, decreased storage capacity and release of [14C]5-HT, low endogenous 5-HT, reduced ATP and ADP with an increased ATP/ADP ratio, increased(More)
Medical education faces increasing criticism because of the perception that it is difficult to produce physicians who are both technically competent and compassionate. One approach to addressing this problem is to train physicians to address the emotional concerns that patients experience as a result of their medical problems. Results of the authors'(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To create new versions of the written, multiple-choice examination used in the American Heart Association (AHA) Advanced Cardiac Life Support course, evaluate their reliability and difficulty, and then design revised versions with improved reliability and of standardized difficulty. DESIGN Psychometric evaluation of new versions of the AHA(More)